Beijing Qiangmu International Co., Ltd. specializes in the honeycomb products, from R&D、manufacturing to sales. Aluminum honeycomb products are our main item, including the aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panel and other aluminum products with honeycomb structure. Meanwhile, we are actively engaging in researching and producing the nomex paper honeycomb core. Kindly be informed that our quality has obtained Chinese aeronautic level. We would like to share the following fields with our customers:

○ Table top of Printing machine       
○ Rectifying panel for spinning equipment
○ E-board                          
○ Electromagnetic shielding
○ Clean room                        
○ Railcar and Marine interiors

We have the experts devoted in studying the honeycomb composite material for over thirty years and professional employees in production and sales, and we would like to research and produce as per the customers' requirements and endeavor to provide you with our best service.

"Customer is the uppermost, quality is the first"will be our principle forever. We do hope to benefit you to the utmost on using our products with our all efforts, and your satisfaction just is our pursuance.

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